Market in the Valley


As kids, we loved to listen to our grandparents tell stories. We loved how they used their life experiences to teach us how the world works. We loved hearing how life was like back when they were kids. We love listening to them because their stories often lead us down unexpected paths. As a child, we learn and understand how to operate in this world as people. Storytelling is a shared experience when thoughts are exchanged, and ideas convey values, wisdom, and perspectives on life’s events. These traditions are celebrated often and passed on through the generations.

For centuries, stories have been used to spread information about the world around us. They have been an essential part of every culture and society throughout history. They convey moral lessons by retelling historical events or familiar folktales that often reflect a community’s beliefs and customs.

Such as the story of Johnny Appleseed, a man said to have traveled across the countryside planting apple trees along the way. Or our very own Paul Buynon, whose footprints created the 10,00 lakes as he explored our land.

Stories are a powerful way for families to connect and strengthen ties across generations. They get passed down from one to the next, creating stronger family bonds over time.

Grandparents are often the heart of their family in many communities and cultures. They retain traditions from decades ago that serve as a preservation of memories from previous generations. They pass on family recipes which are often only served at gatherings or special events, as a reminder of who we are and where we come from. Those meals are served at tables where stories are told and traditions are passed to the next generation.

The traditions that our grandparents passed down to us are important and worth preserving, whether they be about our culture, our practices, or the meals we share. We may not always appreciate them in the moment, but they provide us with stories that help to strengthen our family ties over time. The best way for children to learn about new things is through storytelling; there are so many fantastic tales that only Grandparents can tell! Traditions have been an essential part of every culture and society throughout history.

Come to the market this weekend and share your family’s traditions, or learn about others’. Take time to remember the foods your grandparents made and look for those unique ingredients that only they used, which made their cooking special.

Vendors at the Market this Week

Here’s a list of the businesses at the market:

Beck’s Elk River Greenhouse LLC

Svihel Vegetable Farm

Lor Produce

Yang’s Fresh Flowers and Produce

Bao Yang Vegetables

2JCK Organic Produce

The Farm of Minnesota

Crepe & Cake

Deep Roots Concessions


Rusch Farms

Wisconsin Cheese Outlet


Poplolli: Pastry and Confections

Heaven Scent Soaps

Great Harvest Bread Co.

Schyma’s Pickles & Preserves

Early Boots Farm

Pampered Chef

R & R Cultivation

Cindy Lou’s Jam & Plants

Miz Mollys Closet LLC

Dale’s Delicious Eggs

Talking Loon Foods

Elena’s Cute Creations

Totally Twisted

Weaving and Turning

Caribbean Heat

Sarahgirl Soaps

JM Bistro

Kinney Mini Farms

Three Mad Poppers




MN Fresh Fuel

Wonder Paper Art

Invincible Summer

Renewal by Andersen – Twin Cities

A Kopp Music


Golden Valley Garden Club

Good Morgan Foods