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Market in the Valley

Northwest Community Farmers Market Connection DBA Market in the Valley is an outdoor market in which farmers, growers, food producers, artists, and crafters, are provided a community venue to sell their products. The Market allows consumers the opportunity to purchase directly from the local source to promote healthy eating and lifestyles and self-sustainability by supporting local agriculture and commerce, all while building local community ties.

The rules, policies, and guidelines followed at Market in the Valley may be changed, at any time, by the Market’s Board of Directors.

Application and Fees

Those wishing to participate in the Market must complete an application form and return it with appropriate fees to Market in the Valley before consideration for participation in the Market.

Market in the Valley shall review and approve all complete vendor applications before a vendor can participate in the Market. Space at the Market and the items a vendor offers will be some, but not all of the factors considered in determining approval.

During the selection of a vendor application, the Market shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, age, marital status, or status with regard to public assistance.

The Board of Directors of Market in the Valley will review all complete applications. Applicants will be notified of the status of their application by email. Those accepted to the Market will receive, along with their acceptance letter, an invoice for the remaining stall fee, and a letter stating the items approved for sale.

An application is only deemed complete when the signed application, a non-refundable application fee of $20, and a deposit of $100 has been received by Market in the Valley. A partial application will not be considered until it is complete.


All applications must be received by March 1, 2020. (Early Bird Application must be received by December 31, 2019, to qualify for the Early Bird prices). The balance of the booth fee can be paid in two payments. One half of the remaining balance is due by April 1, 2020. Payment in full is due May 1, 2020. No late payments will be accepted. If you have a hardship, please provide a written payment plan. The plan will be reviewed by the Board of Directors of Market in the Valley and you will be notified. Failure to make payment in full by May 1, 2020, will result in the space being forfeited and space will be made available to another vendor.

Should attendance (either vendor or customer) fall below expectations, the Board of Directors of Market in the Valley reserves the right to cancel the balance of the Market dates. Vendors will be reimbursed for the vendor fee on a pro-rated basis.

The Board of Directors of Market in the Valley reserves the right to consider applications after the deadline, in order to fill the space available and round out products available. Applications received after the May deadline will be considered if space allows. Vendors must submit a completed application along with the application fee and a one week deposit, before being considered. Vendors accepted after the application deadline must submit the full stall fee within 10 days of their notification of acceptance to the Market.

Market Goods

The following items are generally approved for sale:

Vendor grown fresh fruits and vegetables

Vendor grown herbs and spices

Vendor produced farmstead products such as cheese, meats, fish, poultry, eggs, baked goods, canned goods, honey, maple syrup, preserves, et cetera, if prepared and packaged in accordance with rules established by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Vendor grown bedding plants, hanging and potted plants, and cut flowers

Vendor grown dried flowers or plants

Arts and crafts hand-made by vendor and/or their employees

A limited number of the following items are accepted with conditions:

Chiropractic or chair massage services

Natural household goods and cleaning products

Hot foods and prepared on-site meals

Products not listed above must receive clearance from the Market Manager before sale.

Products purchased for resale at the Market are generally not allowed and must have prior approval of the Board of Directors of Market in the Valley or its designee.

Vendors may not sell any items not approved or shown in their Market Application. Market staff reserves the right to ask vendors to remove products.

Vendors seeking to sell items not listed on their application must request approval, in writing, of an amendment to their application. Items not listed may not be sold until the application amendment has been approved by the Board of Directors of Market in the Valley or its designee.

Market staff reserves the right to refuse admittance at their discretion.

Items offered for Sale

All items must be prepared, displayed and stored in accordance with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, Minnesota Department of Health, and the Hennepin County Community Health Department guidelines. It is the responsibility of each vendor to comply with federal, state, county and local rules and regulations.

All producers of processed items (i.e. cheese, meats, jams, jellies, syrups, baked goods, pickled products, canned goods, etc.) are required to comply with all state, county and local rules and regulations pertaining to the production and selling of such goods.

Processed food items should be sold with a valid processing license or comply with State of Minnesota labeling law requirements.

Produce sold as Certified Organic must have originated from an organic grown Certified Farm, and the vendor must provide a copy of their National Organic Standard certificate as provided by a USDA accredited agent.

Farmers and growers that are not Certified Organic can advertise or sell produce as “Chemical Free” if they practice chemical free farming.

All items should be sold by bulk, bundle or individual item. Items sold by weight units of measure require a Minnesota State Certified Scale.

Market staff reserves the right to inspect fields and production areas at any time before or during the market season.

Market Operations

Market will operate from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, beginning Sunday, June 21, 2020 through Sunday, October 4, 2020, at 7800 Golden Valley Road, Golden Valley, MN (behind city hall under the water tower).

On Market days vendors may begin setting up at 7 AM, but not before that time. A Market Assistant will be at the Market location at 7 AM to check in vendors and assist vendors with any questions. Any vendor entering the Market location prior to 7 AM may result in a fine.

The Market will begin at exactly 9 AM with the blowing of a whistle. No presales are allowed. Failure to comply with the starting time will result in a fine.

There will be no moving vehicles in the market area between 8:45 AM and 1:05 PM. If you arrive after 8:45 AM, you must park in an adjacent area and walk your merchandise and supplies (tents, tables, etc.) to and from your stall location. Failure to comply with this regulation may result in a loss of future selling privileges.

Market vendors must be ready to start selling at 9 AM on Market days. Market in the Valley encourages vendors to be in place 1⁄2 hour before the Market opens, but please note no sales are allowed until 9:00am.

Vendors must remain until the Market closes and may not bring a vehicle into the market area until 1:05pm.

Any vendor who the Market staff feels is not complying with the Market rules may be asked to leave. The vendor in turn may petition to be re-accepted to the Market if approved by the Market Board of Directors.

Electricity is available at limited number of stalls/booths. Vendors who need electricity must inform the Market before opening day.

If a Vendor cannot attend the Market in a day they have signed up to be there, the vendor must call, email or text Market in the Valley to notify Market Organizers of the absence. Repeated failure to notify Market in the Valley of absences may result in cancellation of future participation in the Market.

Market Setup

The Market will occur in rain, shine or snow. Market hours may be adjusted if threatening weather occurs. Please call the Market if you have any questions.

All items must be contained within a vendor’s assigned space. Vendors may request 1, 2 or 3 stalls.

Only vendors who have requested and paid for 2 or more stalls may keep vehicles in the Market area. All other vendors may drive vehicles into the market area for loading and unloading only and must be moved immediately after unloading and before set-up. Vehicles may be parked in areas designated for vendor parking.

Vendors are responsible for providing tables, canopies and other items needed for their display. A canopy/tent is required and MUST BE WEIGHTED DOWN.

No stakes may be pounded into the tarmac or surrounding area.

No water is provided or available.

Stall space will be assigned by Market staff to allow for the best product mix and traffic flow.

Market staff has the authority to move and reassign stall space to enhance or facilitate Market operations at any time during the season or at the discretion of the Market Manager or Board.

Stall space is not transferable without prior approval of the Market. All displays must be professional, neat and tasteful.
Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the Market.

The general cleanliness of the Market is everyone’s responsibility. Vendors must take all trash and waste with them. All vendors must keep their area neat, while selling and make certain that the area is clean before leaving.

All Market vendors should represent themselves in an appropriate manner, dress, and state of cleanliness. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.

Price, terms of sale, etc. are determined between buyer and seller only.

All vendors agree to abide by fair business practices.

Vendors must remove all trash from the Market area by 1:45 PM. This includes produce debris, bags and boxes as a result of their sales. TRASH RECEPTACLES ARE PROVIDED FOR CONSUMER USE ONLY. Vendors found in violation of this will be fined.

Permits, Licenses, Taxes and Insurance

All permits and licenses required by the City of Golden Valley, Hennepin County, the State of Minnesota and/or the Federal Government are the sole responsibility of the vendors.

All food-related vendors should contact the city of Golden Valley and Hennepin County Environmental Health.

Vendors selling hot foods and prepared on-site meals are required to apply for a permit from the City of Golden Valley. The permit is good for the duration of Market in the Valley.

Any required sales tax collections and remittances are the sole responsibility of the vendors.

All vendors are responsible for knowing if they need a sales tax ID number. If you are required to have a number, that must be included on the Market application. If you do not require a tax ID number, a confirmation letter stating so must be submitted to the Market.

Northwest Community Farmers Market Connection, DBA Market in the Valley, and the City of Golden Valley, MN are not liable for any injury, theft, or damage to either the buyer or seller, or their property, arising out of or pertaining to preparation for or participation in the Market in the Valley; whether such injury, theft or damage occurred prior, during, or after the Market in the Valley, seller further agrees to indemnify and hold the Northwest Community Farmers Market Connection, DBA Market in the Valley, or the City of Golden Valley, MN harmless for and against any claims for such injury, theft or damage.

All vendors should carry their own general liability and product liability insurance, as the Market in the Valley does not provide this coverage.

All vendors must include a copy of all licenses and insurance certificate with their application.

Violation Enforcement

The Market reserves the right to enforce the rules and regulations stated in this document. The Board of Directors reserves the right to levy fines on Market vendors for any violation of Market rules.

A complaint form is available for anyone to file a complaint of a violation of rules. A written complaint can be filed by anyone with the Board of Directors.

All violations and complaints will be investigated and reviewed by the Board of Directors. Fines will be levied accordingly. Vendors will be notified in writing of any fines levied.

Vendors may appeal fine levy decisions, in writing, to the Board of Directors, within five business days of written notification. Following review of the written appeal, vendors will be notified of the decision of the Board regarding the said appeal. All decisions of the Board of Directors is final.

Fines must be paid within 10 business days of receipt of notification. Unpaid fines may result in additional fines and/or loss of selling space for one week.

Fine amounts will increase with additional violations. A vendor’s inclusion in the Market will be reviewed upon three violations and may result in revocation in rights to sell at the Market.

All offenses are cumulative over the lifetime of a vendor’s participation in the Market.

If vendor’s selling rights are removed, the selling rights of the primary seller’s immediate family, including parents, grandparents, siblings, children, aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews are also removed.

Violations are categorized under the following violation schedule:

Minor Offenses

Possession and use of alcoholic beverages
Failure to clean up stall space
Inappropriately using garbage containers
Selling items not listed on application
Selling outside designated stall space
Selling before or after Market hours
Leaving before Market is closed
Overly aggressive solicitation of customers
Lack of proper canopy


1st offense: $25.00
2nd offense: $50.00
3rd offense: $150.00 + one week suspension

Major Offenses

Discourtesies, obscene language, shouting at patrons, market employees or volunteers, Board members or other vendors
Criticizing another vendors quality or pricing of a product while at the Market
Repeat violation of selling unauthorized item/s Selling product under false information
Any action that threatens the safety and well being of patrons or other vendors
Any health violations
Damage to property
Unauthorized absence from the Market


1st offense: $50.00 fine
2nd offense: $100 fine + one week suspension
3rd offense: $150 fine + two week suspension + review of vendor’s right to sell