Market in the Valley

Savoring the Last of Summer

As the countdown to Market in the Valley’s winter closure begins, there’s no better time to immerse yourself in the flavorful transition from summer to fall. Our stands are bursting with both the tail-end of summer’s bounty and the pioneering heroes of the fall harvest.

What’s Available Now:
If you’ve been craving comfort food to usher in the crisp evenings, you’re in luck. Cauliflower, kale, and carrots are ready to take center stage in your autumnal stews and soups. Potatoes, the ever-reliable staple, are also in abundance, so make sure to stock up while you still can.

And for those who just can’t let go of summer? Don’t fret. We still have tomatoes that are as juicy as they come—ideal for that homemade tomato sauce you’ve been contemplating. The last eggplants of the season are also gracing our stands. So fire up the grill one last time before it’s too late!

What’s Coming Soon:
As we prepare to bid adieu to our summer market, keep an eye out for winter squash and pumpkins. They’re not just for decoration; these gems are as tasty as they are photogenic. Got a hankering for something a bit out of the ordinary? Why not give kohlrabi or turnips a try? Versatile and brimming with flavor, they’re the unsung heroes of the vegetable world.

A Note About the Winter Market:
Don’t forget, the first winter market is scheduled for November 12th. For more information, be sure to pick up a flyer at the information tent during your next visit.

We hope to see you at the Market in the Valley this weekend, taking full advantage of this delightful seasonal overlap. Whether you’re clinging to the last moments of summer or embracing the incoming fall vibes, our market has something for everyone. So come join us and relish in the abundance that this transitional season has to offer!

Vendors at the Market this Week

Here’s a list of the businesses at the market:

2JCK Organic Produce

AK’s Homemade Treats

Aletha Jean Decor

Atacama Catering

Bao Yang Vegetables

Beautiful Life Gifts

Beck’s Elk River Greenhouse LLC

Best Buddies Pet Care

Caribbean Heat

Cindy Lou’s Jam & Plants


Crepe & Cake

Dale’s Delicious Eggs

Early Boots Farm

Fun Guy Farms

Golden Valley Library

Goofy Floofy Pet Shop

Great Harvest Bread Co.

Heartland Heritage Farms

Heaven Scent Soaps

Herb’s Salsa

Heritage Meats

HINDES Aromatherapy

JM Bistro

Kinney Mini Farms

Lor Produce

M & J Homemade

Master Gardeners

Michael King (9-11)

Minnekyda Acuherb Center

Miz Mollys Closet LLC

MN Fresh Fuel

Natasha’s Pierogis

One Love Yoga (9:30)

Otis & Friends


R & R Cultivation

Renewal by Andersen

Rusch Farms

Sally Fritz Clothing

Schyma’s Pickles & Preserves

Steve Westerlund 11-1

Svihel’s Vegetable Farm

The Farm of Minnesota

The Great Panini


Weaving and Turning

Wisconsin Cheese Outlet

Wonder Paper Art

Yang’s Fresh flowers & vegetables

Your Crafts & Collectible Source

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Starting in June, Every Sunday

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7800 Golden Valley Road

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