Market in the Valley

Celebrate Diverse Traditions at the Market

How does an heirloom tomato represent the celebration of a diverse cultural community?

Have you ever considered the impact of purchasing fresh produce from our local farmer’s markets? Farmers markets are one source of food that strengthens communities, and there’s plenty of reasons to support your local business. Your purchases support the business and the traditions and practices that farmers carry with them. Culture is often celebrated by passing on knowledge from one generation to another. The farmer’s markets serve to preserve heritage and culture while simultaneously promoting sustainability.

Hunter-gatherers developed an agricultural lifestyle to ensure that a reliable source of food was readily available. When these hunter-gatherers settled down into villages, they began cultivating crops and raising livestock—the transition to a farming culture created traditions that have been carried on through generations of farmers. Heritage can be seen in how we grow things because this is the legacy of a person or group.

Rich traditions began to form as more people were able to come together in communities. The traditions and practices of these peoples were a core part of the way they lived their lives- from farming to eating. Those who immigrated often brought with them an agricultural heritage that has been influenced by their culture, including those today.

The importance is not necessarily in what you grow but how you grow it- this also applies to how you live your life. When people who share a common heritage come together, it strengthens the communities they inhabit and promotes sustainability as another generation carries on these traditions and practices to maintain a tradition for future generations.

What does this mean for you? The food items sold at farmer’s markets are not just vegetables or produce; they also include cultural heritage. The tradition is built into how they grow or create these products, so it’s like a continuation of this tradition when you purchase them. Support cultural diversity by purchasing from the market today!

Vendors at the Market this Week

Here’s a list of the businesses at the market:

Beck’s Elk River Greenhouse LLC

Svihel Vegetable Farm

Lor Produce

Yang’s Fresh Flowers and Produce

Bao Yang Vegetables

2JCK Organic Produce

The Farm of Minnesota

Crepe & Cake

Deep Roots Concessions


Rusch Farms

Wisconsin Cheese Outlet


Poplolli: Pastry and Confections

Diana’s Handmade Gifts

Heaven Scent Soaps

Great Harvest Bread Co.

MarkE 3rd St Produce

Schyma’s Pickles & Preserves

Pampered Chef

R & R Cultivation

Miz Mollys Closet LLC

Dale’s Delicious Eggs

Heartland Heritage Farms

Totally Twisted

Caribbean Heat

Cheryl’s Nut Butters

JM Bistro

Kinney Mini Farms

Three Mad Poppers



Urban Agriculture CBD


MN Fresh Fuel

Wonder Paper Art

Invincible Summer 

Renewal by Andersen – Twin Cities

A Kopp Music


Walk to End Alzheimers

Notre Ecole

Clean Water Action

Good Morgan Foods